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What is

This is a little utility for people who need to access resources behind firewalls via ssh connections.
Consider it as a light replacement of just some features of a VPN.
You can do exactly the same things with the command line ssh client; tunnel4j just exposes a nicer(???) GUI, and being founded on Jsch ,an all-java ssh solution, you can use it on all java-supporting platforms.

What is it for

When I work from home, this is my scenario:
  • 1) I need to mount some remote directories from my office PC
  • 2) I need to access some Postgres and Mysql dbs
  • 3) I need to access some intranet web applications not visible from outside of my office LAN.

All of this resources are behind a firewall in different locations. I could set up some VPNs from home to the different locations involved but I don't need all the power of a VPN, so I just launch Tunnel4J, open a connection to the endpoint firewalls and setup some local ports for my needs.

What's new in version 1.5

  • Now makes use of version 0.1.30 of Jsch (included in the distribution)
  • Use of keep-alive messages to avoid session timeout
  • Session logs written in $user_home/.tunnel4j/tunnel4j.log

To download version 1.5 of Tunnel4J please click here
or you can launch it with Webstart.



Unpack the downloaded file, cd into tunnel4j directory and type:
java -cp jsch.jar:Tunnel4J.jar org.beanizer.tunnel4j.Tunnel4J (on *nix systems)
java -cp jsch.jar;Tunnel4J.jar org.beanizer.tunnel4j.Tunnel4J (on Windows systems)


Many thanks to the guys at
http://www.jcraft.com for their excellent Jsch library

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