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J2me ChartComponent - ver 1.5.2

ChartComponent is a MIDP2.0 charting component with basic functionalities for showing charts on embedded devices. It currently implements the following charts:
  1. Line
  2. Horizontal bars
  3. Vertical bars
  4. Pie charts (experimental)
Also a very simple 'legenda' is implemented.
Though basic and far from being complete, it's being already used in production environments.
The usage is very straightforward and a test midlet suite with source code is downloadable here.


The screenshots below show different charts on different devices.

on a software emulator
on a Palm Tungsten E
with IBM J9 VM
on a Nokia 6600


Component usage is really trivial. Javadoc included with the component download and the source code of the test midlet suite is all you need to get started with ChartComponent.

Release 1.5 adds showing values for pie charts and also moves the drawing functions outside of the paint method, so that it is possible to draw directly on Image objects instead of having the chart items shown on the Screen (see drawPie and drawChart methods). Within the code included in the ChartComponentTest midlet suite you'll see an example of this technique (PieChartTestImage midlet).

Release 1.5.2 fixes some bugs related to setting and visualizing the minimum value on a LineChart plus a few other minor bugs. 

A first article/tutorial on how to use the library is available here.


To download version 1.5.2 of ChartComponent please click here
To download the test midlet suite please click here

Support us

ChartComponent is and will remain free to use for personal or commercial projects.
The development requires time and hardware ( tests on different devices are required to make it robust enough).
If you find this project interesting and/or useful and would like to contribute to it, please consider a donation.


You can freely use ChartComponent for personal or commercial projects.
Source code of ChartComponent is not released as it's been developed for a customer who will probably retain rights for the code. Usage of the binary will in any case remain free. 

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